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​Psychotherapy works best when the client-therapist relationship is one of empathy and trust.

All good therapy begins with the client-therapist relationship. But finding the right therapist can be a challenge, whether you're seeking therapy for the first-time or have had sessions in the part.
That's why Takoma Therapy takes special care in matching you with the right therapist, best suited to help your specific needs. We know that the foundations of a healing relationship are built on trust, empathy, respect, connection, and hope.

Intake Process
Take some time to read the information each therapist has provided. Is there a therapist whose bio resonates with you?  If so, great - send us an email and Hannah Insalaco, our intake coordinator, will be in touch with you to coordinate the intake. If you are unsure who might be able to best meet your needs, have a chat with our intake coordinator and we will help you to decide. We will do our best to connect you with a therapist who can meet your current needs. If you are using insurance, please be ready to share your insurance information (please note: we only work with CareFirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield). Once you have been set up with a therapist you will receive a link to the Client Portal and you will be asked to fill out some online forms (no need to print anything!) before your first appointment.

If you are interested in couple's therapy Hannah can connect you with Mark Hollingshead, Megan "MK" Kalbaugh, Paul Rahn, or Sania Tilden. Couple's therapy is an out-of-pocket service and is not covered by insurance.

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