"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius

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Sania Tildon, LMSW, (she/her)


My work is built on the belief that people naturally want to heal and grow; sometimes we just need someone to help us channel those instincts for change. We need a space to hear our thoughts outside of our heads, a space to observe and examine our feelings and what we hold true about ourselves.

You are the expert in your life, and the question I ask myself as a therapist is how can I provide a space and relationship that you can use for personal growth.* Some of the most important values that I focus on bringing to that relationship are trust, openness, and curiosity.

I celebrate curiosity in therapy because to me, beneath the changes in our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, therapy is about the existential questions at life’s core. Why? What does this mean? Who am I? How do I find connection with others? How do I want to exist? There are no set answers, just different possibilities for each person on their journey, and I love joining with my clients as they ask those questions and uncover those possibilities.

Using an integrative approach, I work with individuals and couples facing a range of life issues including anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, self-esteem, anger management, trauma, and chronic pain and illness. As a biracial therapist, I am also particularly interested in racial identity and multiracial families. Finally I am passionate about community responses to violence and criminal justice-related trauma.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland. In addition to seeing clients, I work as an educator and advocate for restorative justice.

Fee for Initial Consultation: $195

Fee for Follow Up Sessions: $170

Fee for Couples Therapy: $200

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Available for virtual sessions only.

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