“Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.” - Gabor Mate

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Paul Rahn, LMSW, LGSW, (he/him)


I believe in everyone’s potential for transformation and change. Compassion, collaboration, and connection are important in my approach to therapy. Mental health challenges affect us all, and I am here to help you explore new perspectives about what you are facing. I believe that you deserve the opportunity to be heard, seen, and acknowledged.

I have an eclectic and holistic approach to therapy. Together we will seek to bring meaning to challenging or traumatic experiences and how they impact you. I am interested in the varied daily experiences, family dynamics, stories, and relationships that form your identity.

I work with adolescents, adults, and couples who are experiencing trauma, complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, and depression. I am also open to helping you navigate the other uncertainties you may be facing. I have experience working with diverse backgrounds. I also have experience in an inpatient setting with individuals facing complex traumatic symptoms. I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Catholic University of America.

Fee for Initial Consultation: $195

Fee for Follow Up Sessions: $170

Fee for Couples Therapy: $200

In-Network with CareFirstBCBS

Available for in-person and virtual sessions

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