"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in'' - Leonard Cohen

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Rashanda Jackson, LMSW, LCSWA


Greetings! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland and North Carolina. I am skilled with a robust clinical compass within the realm of Mental Health.

The areas I work with mostly are depression, anxiety, trauma, and childhood issues. Within my practice I have noticed and honed in on the effects of early trauma and their results on our everyday lives and relationships. Through empowerment and honesty, the rapport I build with my clients allows for the client to be in the front seat of their own healing. I like to think that this field chose me to be a constant support for progression in others. I believe that each client’s path to healing looks different and should be taken into account within treatment models used.

The goal is for clients to gain tools to function independently within their own lives in triggering circumstances. My areas of expertise are with adults and adolescents, and the various experiences that have shaped them, providing a sense of strength, understanding, and relatability to forge forward for a better quality of life.

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