“Know Self, Know Value, Know Purpose.”

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Jahmela Williams, LPC


The first step to change is acknowledging that change is needed. I commend you for taking the
first step to experiencing a transformational life. It would be a privilege to accompany you on
your journey. With 7 years of experience as a professional counselor, I am committed to
helping individuals realize their value and purpose and reach their goals.

Now let me share a little bit about myself. I started my career as a teacher. During my tenure
as a teacher I learned the importance of understating human development and psychology in
order to successfully educate young minds. It was this knowledge that lead me to Bowie State
University to pursue my graduate degree in School Counseling. While completing my degree I
decided to take the additional classes in Counseling Psychology to become a Clinical Counselor.
Upon graduating, I obtained my license as a Professional Counselor and since then have worked
in settings from K-12th school systems, college level, and outpatient mental health clinics.

My counseling technique is a strength-based approach with Cognitive Behavioral, Adlerian, and
Jungian theoretical frameworks. I believe that our life stories have meaning and value. At the
same time, I believe the thoughts we tell ourselves about those stories affect our feelings which
in turn determine the choices and actions we take in life. I do not consider myself the expert
but a facilitator that helps guide you along this process of discovery.

In my years of service, I have never grown tired of helping people to become active participants
in their future success. I think as humans we are here to grow and become all that we are
purposed to be.

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