“We will work together to increase your personal resilience while undergoing the process of cathartic healing.”

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Helen Freiling, LCPC

Associate Clinician

Whether you approach the struggles you are facing from a biological, spiritual, psychological, or behavioral perspective, the consistent gift I bring to our work together is a passion for continued personal growth and knowledge gathered from experience with many levels of care.

I have an approachable and open style, which I believe allows me to help you do the same. With mindful attentiveness and by gently confronting obstacles and threats to emotional health and relational satisfaction, my clients and I work collaboratively, in order for them to become able to increase their personal resilience while undergoing the process of cathartic healing. I draw from an array of therapeutic techniques to create safe relationships that nourish innate strengths, allow me to challenge you, and allow you to begin the difficult change-work you desire.

I have a unique perspective of people as inherently dignified, supported by six years of philosophical and scientific education and study of the human behaviors. I have a masters in Clinical Psychology from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, along with six years’ experience as a counselor in a variety of settings. I have specialized in treating eating disorders and am currently furthering a specialization in trauma treatment. I have a keen interest in treating clients diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating issues, sexual problems, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and patterns of behavior that are not leading to fulfillment.

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